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Ontario Conservatives Stall Minimum Wage, Worker Protection Bill

minimum wage index, temporary employmetn agencies

Conservatives stall on Ontario legislation that would index the minimum wage to inflation and protect interns and vulnerable employees at temporary employment  agencies.

The Ontario legislative committee considering amendments to a bill on worker protection and the minimum wage spent Monday afternoon and evening mired in stalling tactics as the opposition Conservatives pulled out all stops to block a bill designed to improve working conditions for workers in low-wage, temporary employment.

The Tories, led in committee by right-wing MPP Randy Hillier, filed hundreds of stalling amendments on the bill, all of which had to be considered along with the handful of serious ones put forward by the Liberals and NDP. The Conservatives said the stalling tactics were being deployed because the Liberal Government invoked time allocation – a measure that cuts short debate and fast-tracks a bill through committee and the house. Continue reading

Ontario, Federal Governments Drop the Ball As Ford Gives $2 Billion Investment To Mexico, Not Windsor

Ford Engine, Windsor, Ontario Government, Mexico

A potential $2 billion investment by Ford to produce a new generation of engines has gone to Mexico, not Windsor.

A major Ford Motor Co. engine investment that the federal and Ontario governments were trying to land for Windsor, will instead go to Mexico.

Unifor, Canada’s largest private-sector union, represents workers at Ford Windsor. In a statement, Unifor president Jerry Dias said that Ford was asking Ontario for a cash grant and the federal government for a loan, but would not specify the dollar amounts. “It was a very aggressive proposal by Ford,” he said.

In the end, Dias added, the Mexican government effectively outbid Canada: “Mexico will subsidize heavily and did, just like every other country that wants a strong auto industry.”

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